Monday, March 22, 2010


date:19-21march 2010
venue:DK500 uitm puncak alam
mission accomplished
done.everything is done. my team accomplished the mission given. my part6 friend completed their task. our faculty smile with the job.what we gonna be after this,that all in our own hand. what the input nothing more than what your perception. the negative with always walk with that perception. the positive gonna run with all the positive mind. not to force not to punish not to up my team or my self but this is the task from the faculty. if my team did not accept this,the big club in FPM will accomplish that Dr Azman want! nothing personal,nothing about show what class more power,nothing with what course the best,nothing nothing nothing about this. it about our faculty and about us especially. forgive me if i`m doing wrong,forgive my team if they make mistake. to all of my friend with full support, thank a lot. to all my friends with half support, thank lot. to all my friends with only back support, thank. to all my friends, thank you. Encik Sazili, Encik Juwahir, Puan Rashimawati are our hero and heroin.

p/s: aku bukan cacat but you are my friends and "friends"


  1. congratulations bro! good job.. and good input too.. anyway, don't forget to write your speech well before giving a speech.. alam-alam-alam-alam.. wtf.. hahahah!


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