Friday, April 9, 2010


tonight is nothing..
what i can do with nothing
of course nothing i can do
but who said nothing we can do
we can do everything
is it the everything we can do will become something
so what i realized tonight is TOTALLY NOTHING
nothing i can do with all the shit

tonight turn shit
shit with the unreplied message
pretend like there is only shit with what we trying to do
shit with that person
u are worst than .......
shit with that excuses

tonight fully damn
damn with the "face"
i`m little bit caught in the middle of unknown scenario
what i suppose to do
if i gonna give what i get back
the result might be worst
we make friends not "friend"
tonight totally shame
shame with the result
my face full with the shame
i cant control all the things
i tried to make all the things work
what the result?
from 100 people become 20++ people

tonight with tears
u`ll never see the tears inside of me
the happiness outside covered all the thing
the inside remain inside
forgive me En Sazili
i failed
i dont know how i get this way
i tried to be alright
forgive me my friends

i dont what worth fighting for
cause i`m the one at fault
i`ll try again until i`ll never try it again
realize that this not the show
this how it gonna be end

p/s: aku bukan cacat tapi malam ni menunjukkan kecacatan "aku bukan cacat"


  1. ai geng.. penuh dgn kekecewaan nampak... bawak bertenang ea.... tarik nafas panjang2..

  2. madmal - ngah bertenang.wat yoga.haha
    air - projek x jln sperti dirancang plus bnda laen..

  3. fokus kt repot je la.time sabar dh abes.hehe


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